Guatemala SHB Huehuetenango

PROCESS: washed

PRODUCTION AREA: Huehuetenango

ALTITUDE: 1500-1700m

SCREEN: EP 100% above screen 15 (with a tolerance of 5% above scr 14)

COLOUR: bright green

DEFECTS: The "Strictly Hard Bean" coffees are among the best in the world : complete, full bodied taste, acid and fragrant cup.

- Humidity 9-12%
- Defects max 8 per 300 gr 
- clean cup, without defects


The objective of this Coffee Presidia is to improve living and working conditions of 200 coffee growers and their families, providing them with all the necessary tools and know-how for a quality coffee production.

The project aims to offer better prices by transferring rents from intermediaries to farmers with a direct access to the market.

gt Guatemala

Botanical species: mainly Arabica

Harvest: from August to April

Shipment: from November to June

Bags: 69 kg (tare 1kg)